Sportsman's Haircut Hair and Scalp Cleanser - $10.95

This unique cleanser alleviates heavy sebum deposits on the scalp. Natural extracts sooth dryness. Scalp condition is normalized and hair appears thicker and healthier. 6.8 fl oz, 200 mL


Sportsman's Hair Care Tea Tree Shampoo - $8.95

Men and women have different needs when it comes to hair and scalp health. Simply using any shampoo that's in the shower won't do you any favors. By using stronger ingredients, SHC's Tea Tree Shampoo is designed to eliminate the dirt, grime and oil on a man's head. 12 fl oz, 354 mL


Sportsman's Haircut Scalp Stimulant - $15.95

The same stimulant we use during our signature "Trophy Upgrade", this scalp stimulant lets you feel the power of healthy hair at the root. This leave in stimulant will invigorate your root and promote a healthy environment for hair growth. Therapeutic ingredients soothe, tone and moisturize.
2 fl oz, 59 mL


Sportsman's Haircut Invigorating Conditioner - $10.00

Stimulates scalp to encourage microcirculation. Expands the hair bulb to prevent hair loss and thickens the entire hair shaft. Scalp feels hydrated and calm. Hair appears thicker and healthier. 6.8 fl oz, 200 mL


Sportsman's Hair Care Cooling Conditioner - $8.95

Only women use conditioner, right? WRONG. Conditioning on a regular basis is a critical part of overall hair and scalp health. This conditioner is designed specifically for a man's head and is made to balance, moisture and nourish the hair and scalp. Hemp seed oil is included to give your scalp a calming effect. 12 fl oz, 354 mL


Sportsman's Haircut Total Control Hair Gel - $10.95

Maintain total control of your style with this extreme holding hair gel. Perfect for short dramatic styles or to control longer hair for the entire day. Gel dries quickly, won't flake and leaves hair with a high-shine finish.
3.4 fl oz, 100 mL


Sportsman's Haircut Mud Light - $11.95

This product provides a pliable hold to your style. A small amount creates a carefree style; more product creates a "lived in" look. 3.4 fl oz, 100 mL


Sportsman's Haircut Maxwax Pomade - $12.95

Custom blended polymers provide maximum separation, texture and hold with iridescent mica for shine. Provides pliable hold. 2% VOC 2 oz, 57 g


Sportsman's Hair Care
Hard Gel - $8.95

Ready for a day on the lake or in the middle of the woods, SHC's Hard Gel is created to protect your hair from the environment. This low flaking formula provides a hard hold and long lasting style wherever your day may lead you. 8 fl oz, 236 mL


Sportsman's Hair Care Finishing Spray - $8.95

SHC's Finishing Spray will provide a long lasting hold while contouring and shaping your hair into a touchable style. This product can be used in addition to any styling product to strengthen its hold or by itself to leave your hair semi-flexible. 8 fl oz, 236 mL


Sportsman's Haircut
Soothe and Smooth Facial Moisturizer - $16.40

A lightweight daily moisturizer designed to calm skin and reduce the signs of aging. Product eliminates redness and helps soothe razor burn. Skin feels comfortable and appears younger. 3.4 fl oz, 100 mL


Sportsman's Haircut
Clean Sweep Facial
Cleanser - $10.00

Concentrated gel cleans and conditions skin, unclogging dirt, debris and pollution from pores. Normalizes surface oil and preps beard for shaving. Skin is left smooth and clear while beard is softened for a comfortable shave. Essential oils hydrate and calm skin. 6.8 fl oz, 200 mL


Sportsman's Haircut Close Call Shave Cream - $10.00

This ultra rich formula enables a clean, close, comfortable shave without irritation. Lifts whiskers for a closer shave. Natural polymers protect skin from irritation. Essential oils soothe and calm shaved skin. 6.8 fl oz, 200 mL


Sportsman's Haircut Hat - $15.95

A comfortable baseball cap with a one-size fits all size strap with the Sportsman's Haircut logo.